Overall System of Mobile FeliCa

Mobile FeliCa Platform consists of Mobile FeliCa Cloud and Mobile FeliCa-compatible devices. Mobile FeliCa-compatible devices are implemented with Mobile FeliCa-compatible chips (Refer to the “Mobile FeliCa Platform” web page).

Mobile FeliCa-compatible devices includes Secure Elements (GP-SE) that comply with international standards such as NFC, Near Field Communication, and GlobalPlatform® which defines various specifications for running secure applications. Mobile FeliCa is implemented on chips that comply with these international standards, making the specifications work with devices released globally. In addition, Mobile FeliCa-compatible chips are tamper-resistant, which is a protective measure that makes it difficult to analyze, decrypt, or tamper with the important information inside the chip.

FeliCa Networks has developed its own certification programs, such as FeliCa Approval for Security and Trust (FAST), in order to swiftly ensure compliance with international standards and high security/interoperability at the chip level.

In addition to general encrypted communication using Transport Layer Security (TLS), the GlobalPlatform standard stipulates end-to-end encrypted communication between the chip and the Hardware Secure Module (HSM) on the server. Mobile FeliCa-compatible chips also use encrypted communication in compliance with this standard.

Mobile FeliCa Cloud uses a variety of other cloud and on-premise technologies while providing a safe and reliable environment for businesses through a secure system that combines private networks where necessary.

As mobile operating systems and cloud computing evolve through continuous updates with new functions and services, Mobile FeliCa Platform, throughout its entire system, continues to ensure that a variety of services can be used securely and smoothly on a variety of mobile devices.

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