FeliCa Approval for Security and Trust (FAST)

"FeliCa Approval for Security and Trust (FAST)" is a security certification scheme that has been set up to enable the evaluation and certification of the security aspects of mobile FeliCa products.

The FAST certification scheme requires the same level of security vulnerability analysis and testing as Common Criteria EAL4 + AVA_VAN.5 certification.

The Target of Evaluation (TOE) consists of the security IC, the operating system (such as Java Card OS), and the mobile FeliCa applications (such as payment and transit applications) including relevant crypto libraries for AES and TDES/DES.

The main purpose of the TOE is to be the Secure Element for NFC-enabled devices. The FAST certification scheme aims to give a high assurance of security level (i.e., AVA_VAN.5), in a timely manner, to the service providers who deploy mobile FeliCa products for their payment and/or transit services.

For more information about the FAST certification scheme, see FeliCa Approval for Security and Trust Overview.

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