President's Message

Mobile FeliCa technology and platforms provide secure, comfortable, convenient and beneficial services.

At train stations or convenience stores, Osaifu-Keitai is a mobile contactless service that has become an integral part of customers everyday lives.

FeliCa Networks, established in 2004 as a provider of Mobile FeliCa technology and platforms, has supported Osaifu-Keitai, a secure, comfortable and convenient mobile contactless services that play a key roles in transit ticketing and electronic money.

With Mobile FeliCa now compatible with the global standard NFC*, Apple Pay and Google Pay™ are now available in Japan.

As FeliCa technology and platforms are now compatible with the global standard NFC, services such as Apple Pay and Google Pay™ are now available for use in Japan. As a provider of platforms that support the social infrastructure, we at FeliCa Networks not only strive to improve the levels of security and convenience of the entire Mobile FeliCa system but also ensure an environment that allows customers to use a wide variety of services on a device of their choice.

* Near Field Communication

Providing platforms and bridging between businesses and customers.

The world of smartphones and other devices is evolving at a rapid speed. We are discovering new possibilities based on the use of these devices by planning and realizing services that integrate a number of different types of information technology. FeliCa Networks continues to commit our business to serve as a bridge that connects businesses with customers in a smooth and sure way, and to provide secure, comfortable and convenient platforms that connect businesses and customers in a manner that offers enhanced benefit to both sides.

Tomoharu Hikita
President and CEO
FeliCa Networks, Inc.

mobile felica technology and platform

FeliCa Networks has made FeliCa technology and platforms compatible with the global standard NFC(Near Field Communication), using them as a foundation for a wide variety of services.