President's Message

Transforming each “Now” into the “Future”.

FeliCa Networks has steadily contributed to
the building of the future.
Train stations, shops, wherever it is that people cross
paths, The platforms we build have made
more convenient, more comfortable.

The world is now a larger place.
Yet on the horizon is a life where much more is new.

Our eyes are trained on people’s lifestyles,
to make the world a seamless place.
With one less trouble, one less burden, The world
becomes a better place to live in.

What shall we transform into the future next?

FeliCa Networks will transform each “Now” into the “Future” that provides security, comfort, and emotion with its mobile devices and secure technologies.

Tomoharu Hikita
President and CEO
FeliCa Networks, Inc.

At train stations or convenience stores, mobile contactless service has become an integral part of customers’ everyday lives.

Since its establishment in 2004, FeliCa Networks has served as a provider of Mobile FeliCa Platform based on FeliCa technology and has been providing “Mobile Contactless Service“ together with many companies, where customers can enjoy a wide variety of services, for instance, cashless payments including electronic money, digital membership cards, and transit IC tickets, in a safe, comfortable way on mobile devices such as smartphones and wearable devices.

The Mobile FeliCa Platform is used on Osaifu-Keitai and Google PayTM offered on Android smartphones, Apple Pay on the iPhone, and payment platforms for various wearable devices.

“Secure Application Management Platform“ compliant with the global standard NFC* and GlobalPlatform®

The Mobile FeliCa Platform has evolved steadily and now operates as part of “Secure Application Management Platform“ compliant with the global NFC standard and GlobalPlatform®.
Secure applications are essential components not only for mobile contactless services, but also for digital IDs, digital keys, digital currencies, and other services that will form the infrastructure of the digital society of the future.
This platform enables you to run secure applications with highly reliability and security on mobile devices and in the cloud.

We are constantly working to develop secure technologies to improve the overall safety and convenience of our platforms, as well as to validate compatibility so that our secure applications can be used globally on more mobile devices according to customer preferences.

* Near Field Communication (NFC)
Providing various solutions using mobile devices and secure technologies.

The world of mobile devices, mainly smartphones and wearable devices, and applications that utilize them are evolving at a rapid speed. We have been also working on creating new solutions by proposing and realizing services that incorporate the latest IT technologies, as well as FeliCa technology.

For example, we operate a platform to understand product information by using image recognition based on receipts submitted by individual customers and utilize them for digital marketing. It enables us to provide solutions to a wide range of businesses.

FeliCa Networks will continue to strive to provide the “future“ with security, comfort, and emotion by using its mobile devices and secure technologies.