Solution & Service

FeliCa Networks aims to serve as a bridge between people and businesses to make the world a seamless place.
In order to realize our aim, we offer a variety of solutions and services based on "Mobile FeliCa Platform" and “Digital Marketing Platform”.

We offer "Mobile FeliCa Platform" to our business partners and support an environment where customers can use transit ticketing and mobile payments safely and conveniently in their everyday lives.
We work with our partners to deliver "Digital Marketing Platform" to support long-lasting, continuous relationships between businesses and users.

Mobile FeliCa Platform

Mobile FeliCa Platform is a platform compatible with mobile devices developed by FeliCa Networks based on "FeliCa", the contactless IC card technology developed by Sony Corporation.

Digital Marketing Platform

FeliCa Networks offers a variety of solutions and services based on its Digital Marketing Platform to further evolve the relationship between businesses and users.