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When receiving enquiries, FeliCa Networks collects personal information from its customers as necessary.
Persons wishing to make an enquiry should read the following and proceed only after agreeing with the content thereof.

Concerning the Handling of Personal Information

Name of collector of personal information: FeliCa Networks, Inc.
Name of user of personal information: FeliCa Networks, Inc.
Policy for the handling of personal information: Click here to view our privacy policy.

Content of Personal Information Collected

Personal information including names, company names and e-mail addresses will be collected from persons submitting enquiries or questions and will be used within the intended scope of usage detailed below.
*It may not be possible to provide services or respond to enquiries in cases where essential information has not been provided. Your understanding is appreciated.

Scope of intended Usage

The personal information of persons submitting questions or enquiries shall be used only to provide responses.
*Regarding the purpose of usage, FeliCa Networks outsources some tasks involving handling enquiries to companies or providers outside the Sony group.

Rights of the Individual to Control Personal Information submitted

FeliCa Networks shall respond to any reasonable request for the disclosure, correction, updating or deletion of personal information or the withdrawal, in whole or in part, of agreement pertaining to usage and disclosure of said personal information after confirming that said request has been made by the customer concerned him/herself and checking the content of the personal information provided.

Concerning Safety Control Measures pertaining to the handling of Personal Information and Disclosure to Third Parties

FeliCa Networks will endeavor to ensure that personal information in its care is accurate and up to date within the intended scope of usage and shall implement appropriate safety control measures to protect against incidents such as illegal access, falsification and leakage. In addition, with the exclusion of cases legally determined to be exceptions, personal information shall be neither disclosed nor supplied to third parties without the consent of the customer concerned.

Collection if Information from Children

FeliCa Networks will not collect information from minors under the age of 15 years.

Applicable Laws and Jurisdiction

This Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Japan unless otherwise expressly provided. All controversies and disputes arising out of or relating to this Terms and Conditions shall be submitted to the Tokyo District Court in Tokyo, Japan as the Court of first instance.
* Personal Information submitted via the Inquiry Form will be received and processed by Sony in Japan.
Please note that Japanese privacy laws may not provide the same level of legal protection for your Personal Information as the laws in your country(for instance, in the European Union).

"Conditions for Use of the FeliCa Networks, Inc. Web Site" shall apply to use of this page.
It shall be assumed that customers sending messages to FeliCa Networks, Inc., agree to conditions pertaining to customers.
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