Efforts for Secure Application Implementation

The Mobile FeliCa Platform and the Secure Element Management Service Platform feature a variety of secure application functions, including Mobile FeliCa, on Secure Element (SE) chips conforming to international standards such as Near Field Communication (NFC), while meeting the service requirements in Japan, and provide an environment that is easier to install in smartphones and wearable devices.

Devices equipped with the SE chip support NFC, which enables FeliCa, Type A and Type B communication with readers installed in stores, etc. Mobile FeliCa functions are realized as a secure application developed by FeliCa Networks, which, along with other secure applications, is securely managed as an application that runs on the Java Card platform on Secure Elements compliant with the GlobalPlatform® specifications (GP-SE).

Moreover, activities of FeliCa Networks in the area of the development and implementation of SE chips and devices have contributed to the timely provision of secure applications, including mobile FeliCa, on many Android devices, and the smooth implementation for Android OS version upgrades.
Currently, approximately 90% of Android devices sold in Japan are equipped with Mobile FeliCa functions (according to FeliCa Networks’ survey).

*Mobile FeliCa support for Android devices requires the Mobile FeliCa compatible SE chip and Mobile FeliCa middleware.
*"GP-SE" is a Secure Element (SE) IC chip embedded in the main board of a smartphone and has a JavaCard execution environment compatible with the GlobalPlatform® (GP) specifications as its platform, on which Java applets developed by service providers can be installed and operated.

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