Transit Ticket / Boarding Pass

Mobile Suica

East Japan Railway / Railway Company

Make more use of your mobile phone with Mobile Suica.
The user only need download the dedicated application to a NFC FeliCa Phone and register as a member to enjoy the fun of touch-and-go at automatic ticket gate in stations and use as e-money in stations and around town.
Mobile Suica is compatible with other nationwide railway and bus lines.

ANA SKiP Service

All Nippon Airways / Airline Company

Your mobile phone becomes your boarding pass with no need to check-in.
The new boarding style "SKiP Service" for domestic flights makes air travel even simpler and more convenient! When boarding a plane, just tap your NFC FeliCa Phone on a reader/writer. Mileage is accumulated when boarding planes and making purchases with Edy linked to your ANA application.

JAL Touch and Go Service

Japan Airlines / Airline Company

A single NFC FeliCa Phone can be used for "Touch and Go" boarding and purchases at facilities such as airports and hotels!
The "JAL Touch and Go Service" ensures a comfortable flight with only NFC FeliCa Phone. "JAL IC Coupons" are also available for use at facilities such as airports and hotels. Convenient and advantageous!