Transit Ticket / Boarding Pass

Mobile Suica Open in new tab

East Japan Railway

Make more use of your mobile device with Mobile Suica.
The user only need download the dedicated application to a NFC FeliCa Device and register as a member to enjoy the fun of touch-and-go at automatic ticket gate in stations and use as e-money in stations and around town.
"Mobile Suica" is compatible with other nationwide railway and bus lines.

JAL Touch and Go Service Open in new tab

Japan Airlines

The "JAL Touch and Go Service" ensures a comfortable flight with only NFC FeliCa Device.
Your NFC FeliCa Device can be used for "Touch and Go" by just touching on the reader at airport when boarding.

Mobile PASMO Open in new tab


Your smart phones become more convenient with "Mobile PASMO"!
Mobile PASMO enables users to use as transportation tickets for trains/ busses and e-money for shopping!
Additionally, users buy commuter passes for work and school and top-up the value anywhere with Mobile PASMO.
Mobile PASMO makes your smart phone more smart.

Mobile ICOCA Open in new tab

West Japan Railway

You can top-up, buy commuter passes, and earn and use WESTER points!
"ICOCA" application enables making payments on trains, buses, and stores nationwide.
In addition, you can earn more WESTER points for top-up and commuter pass purchases by registering your J-WEST card!