Membership Card

Bic Point

Bic Camera / Consumer Electronics Retailer

Install a "Bic Point Card" in your mobile phone.
If the product and price are the same, isn't it more advantageous to shop at a store where you can earn points? Install the "Bic Point Card" in your mobile phone for greater shopping convenience.

Gold Point

Yodobashi Camera / Consumer Electronics Retailer

Transform your NFC FeliCa Phone into a "Gold Point Card"!
Your NFC FeliCa Phone becomes a Yodobashi Camera Gold Point Card. Users need to register with a Yodobashi Camera store to use their NFC FeliCa Phones as point cards. Why wait? - Go and register now!

LAWSON Mobile Ponta

LAWSON / Convenience Store Chain

Debut of Lawson Mobile Ponta! Shop at Lawson stores with only your NFC FeliCa Phone!
All you need to do is download the dedicated application to register Ponta membership in you mobile phone. Once you have set e-money usable at Lawson stores in your mobile phone, you can shop at Lawson stores using only your mobile phone without the need for a wallet and take advantage of the point service using your mobile membership.

TD Mobile 2

Tokyo Dome / Amusement Company

TD Mobile points can be smartly earned and accumulated at Tokyo Dome Group facilities.
TD Points is a program that allows users to accumulate reward points at various Tokyo Dome Group facilities.
In addition, TD Mobile enables card-less, smart accumulation of points.

Mobile Kuroneko Members

Yamato Transport / Express Home Delivery Service

Mobile Kuroneko member's card is compatible with NFC FeliCa Phones.
Even without a Kuroneko member's card, all you have to do is touch your mobile phone to the "NekoPit" to use services such as "Handy Invoice Issue."

mobile members

mash style lab / Clothing Store Chain

"mobile members" available at snidel, gelato pique, FRAY I.D, Lily Brown!
"mobile members" is available at all the stores of snidel, gelato pique, FRAY I.D and Lily Brown, run by mash style lab. Special coupons are exclusively delivered to the members on a regular basis.