Membership Card

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"d POINT" is the point service by which you can earn and use your points at stores and online shopping.
You can earn and use your d POINT by touching your Osaifu-Keitai compatible smartphone.

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Yodobashi Camera

Transform your NFC FeliCa Device into a "Gold Point Card"!
Your NFC FeliCa Device becomes a Yodobashi Camera Gold Point Card.
Users need to register with a Yodobashi Camera store to use their NFC FeliCa Devices as point cards.
Why wait? - Go and register now!

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FeliCa Pocket is also available for your smartphone with "FeliCa Pocket Mobile", enabling you to aggregate point cards, coupons, membership cards, etc!
You can use various FeliCa Pocket services with your smartphone more conveniently.