FeliCa Networks Exhibits at Mobile World Congress 2013,
the world's premier mobile industry event

~ Creating a fun and convenient world by integrating mobile device and
contactless IC technologies for the global market ~

FeliCa Networks, Inc., will exhibit its products and technologies at the Mobile World Congress 2013 (MWC), to take place in Barcelona, Spain, from February 25, 2013. This is the second consecutive year FeliCa Networks will participate in the world's premier mobile industry event.

FeliCa Networks will demonstrate "NFC FeliCa Phone," the world's first commercially developed mobile phone that integrates contactless IC technology. In addition, the booth will feature the Company's initiatives in Near Field Communication (NFC), an international standard for contactless IC communication that is expected to gain worldwide popularity.

Key Exhibition Points

Proven track record in Japan
  • FeliCa Networks' efforts to introduce, popularize and expand NFC FeliCa Phone devices and services in Japan;
  • Case studies of how NFC FeliCa terminals are being used today, in particular, NFC FeliCa Phone thin client reader/writer terminals;
  • A video and demonstration of how McDonald Japan is using NFC FeliCa Phone to provide cash settlement and coupon services to over 15 million registered users in Japan.
Solutions provider for the global market
  • Electronic ticketing
    - With just one mobile phone, users can purchase tickets for and gain entry to music concerts, sports games or other entertainment events. Electronic ticketing reduces the cost of delivering tickets, makes entry more efficient with just a touch to the reader/writer and enables targeted promotional efforts.
  • Case studies
    - Boardwalk Inc. Since implementing NFC FeliCa Phone services in 2010, the ticket sales company Boardwalk has issued over 2.5 million electronic tickets.
    - Augus Corporation. Since October 2012, Augus, an IT solutions provider, has used NFC FeliCa Phone services to offer electronic ticketing for its clients.
FeliCa Networks' future direction
  • Embracing a diversifying range of mobile technology platforms
    - In addition to FeliCa chip embedded NFC FeliCa Phone services in Japan, FeliCa Networks provides total mobile solutions for NFC Type A/Type B contactless technology standards, QR codes, bar codes and others.
  • Sample chip being developed by Samsung Electronics
    - NFC controller
    - SiP that packages in one chip the NFC controller and the FeliCa SAM IC chip with its security functions
  • "NFC Active Tag" Solution
    - Reader/writer installation expenses and network costs can be reduced by using an NFC mobile phone and an "Active Tag" with electronic paper. We will exhibit one solution of how we provide secure services with the growing number of NFC terminals.