Corporate Philosophy

Corporate Philosophy


FeliCa Networks,
as a major provider of platforms that support social infrastructure,
strives to create a secure,comfortable, convenient,
and beneficial lifestyles through the use of mobile devices,
by always working with our business partners
to see things from the customers’ perspectives.


At FeliCa Networks, we aim to create a “Wallet-Free” lifestyle.

As the traditional contents inside a wallet such as money, coupons,
membership cards, tickets, and receipts continue to be digitalized, we aim to
create a society that can lead a comfortable lifestyle where customers can
be free from a physical wallet, with the use of only a single mobile device.

Our Corporate Colors

At FeliCa Networks, we use five corporate colors to express our identity as a service platform provider. Each color represents a message that we consider to especially be an important component of our corporate philosophy.

Customer Perspective:
A mobile experience from the customer’s perspective


FeliCa Networks Magenta is the color of love, empathy, and kindness. This color indicates the fact our desire to provide value from the customer’s perspective.

Speedy:Speedy market development


FeliCa Networks Blue represents technological development and sharp intellect. This color represents the speed with which we respond to technological advancements and to a wide variety of environments.

Technologies and services that can be used all over the world


FeliCa Networks Purple combines the energetic power of red with the developmental element of blue. This color defines our efforts to create and spread global value.

Comfortable:The emotional benefits of comfort


FeliCa Networks FeliCa Networks Yellow represents comfort and warmth. This color expresses the comfort provided by new lifestyles.

Safe:The functional benefits of safety


FeliCa Networks Green provides safety and security. This color represents the reliability of our services and businesses.