Corporate Overview

Company Name FeliCa Networks, Inc.
Main Business Domain
  • Licensing business relating to the development, manufacture and sale of devices and OSs mainly for Mobile FeliCa IC chip
  • Operation of platforms for FeliCa service providers
  • Information processing services, information provision services and advertizing business
Founded January 7, 2004
Capital 6.285 Billion yen
Shareholders Sony Corporation 51%
East Japan Railway Company 15%
Members of the Board
President and CEO
Tomoharu Hikita
Executive Vice President
Takeshi Ichikawa
Executive Director
Naotaka Takeshita
Non-Executive Director
Kazuyuki Sakamoto
Non-Executive Director
Toyoaki Kobayashi
Non-Executive Director
Hidehiko Nakamura
Non-Executive Director
Toshihiro Eto
Non-Executive Director
Koichi Moriyama
Non-Executive Director
Shu Ishimoto
Corporate Auditors
Souichi Sagawa
Corporate Auditors
Goya Kakudate
Corporate Auditors
Masaaki Matsui
West Tower 16F, Gate City Osaki, 1-11-1,
Osaki, Shinagawa-ku,Tokyo, 141-0032, Japan