Corporate Overview

Becoming your business partner connecting customers
with businesses in a smooth and secure way.

FeliCa Networks has developed and promoted
communication around the concept of "Just Touch".
Our next goal is to connect customers
with businesses in a smooth and secure way.
By bringing together the FeliCa technology
we have developed so far, and new platforms
targeting future lifestyles,FeliCa Networks aims
to be your business partner like no other.

Company Name FeliCa Networks, Inc.
Location West Tower 16F, Gate City Osaki, 1-11-1,
Osaki, Shinagawa-ku,Tokyo, 141-0032, Japan
Main Business Domain
  • Licensing business relating to the development, manufacture and sale of devices and OSs mainly for Mobile FeliCa IC chip
  • Operation of platforms for FeliCa service providers
  • Information processing services, information provision services and advertizing business
Founded January 7, 2004
Capital 6.285 Billion yen
Shareholders Sony Imaging Products and Solutions, Inc. 51%
East Japan Railway Company 15%
Members of the Board
President and CEO
Tomoharu Hikita
Executive Vice President
Takeshi Ichikawa
Executive Director
Naotaka Takeshita
Non-Executive Director
Kazuyuki Sakamoto
Non-Executive Director
Toyoaki Kobayashi
Non-Executive Director
Hidehiko Nakamura
Non-Executive Director
Yoshiaki Maeda
Non-Executive Director
Tooru Atarashi
Non-Executive Director
Shinobu Noguchi
Corporate Auditors
Sinji Yamazaki
Corporate Auditors
Souichi Sagawa
Corporate Auditors
Akira Kurasawa