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Features of NFC FeliCa Phone

Advanced customer relations with the NFC FeliCa Phone

Point1 Mobile Phone is always with you

Services can be provided to a great many customers. You will never forget your membership card if it is input into your mobile phone. FeliCa plastic IC cards can also be easily used in tandem with NFC FeliCa Phones.

Point2 Just touch your phone to a reader/writer

You need only tap your NFC FeliCa phone on a reader/writer, eliminating the need to take out your wallet and cards.

Point3 Various applications possible only by using mobile phone functions

By utilizing internet connectivity, display and other functions unique to mobile phones, the NFC FeliCa Phone makes it possible to provide services with high added value.

Available in combination with smart phones, mobile phones and cards / Viewer function On-line secure provisioning / Services using internet connectivity The Mobile FeliCa IC chip can be accessed through browser. Usable multiple services with one smartphone.

Point4 High security

The NFC FeliCa Phone incorporates contactless IC card technology "FeliCa" developed by Sony, a device with a global track record that features high-speed, high capacity and high security capabilities. Note that the mobile FeliCa IC chip has ISO/IEC 15408 EAL4 certification.

Point5 Available on e-commerce and in stores

Usable in stores simply be tapping a NFC FeliCa Phone on a reader/writer connected to a kiosk terminal or POS. Use of a commercially available reader/writer for connection to a PC enables provision of services over the Internet. Services can be realized both in stores and over the Internet simply by "tapping" the phone on a reader/writer.