NFC FeliCa Phone

The World Realized by NFC FeliCa Phones

Equipped with the contactless IC chip (Mobile FeliCa IC Chip) developed by FeliCa Networks, the NFC FeliCa Phone made its debut in July 2004. By downloading NFC FeliCa Phone applications, a single mobile phone can be used for multiple applications such as transit tickets, e-money, credit cards, entertainment tickets, coupons, membership cards, loyalty cards and house keys. The Android smart phone with NFC FeliCa launched in November 2010 extended the possibilities of the NFC FeliCa Phone by realizing ways of having fun only possible with a smart phone, enhanced convenience and other benefits.

As FeliCa technology and platforms are now compatible with the global standardNFC(Near Field Communication), services such as Apple Pay*1 and Google PayTM*2 are now available for use in Japan.
The number of FeliCa-enabled devices has been growing even further in recent years.

*1 Apple Pay: Service available in Japan since October 2016
*2 Google PayTM: Service available in Japan since December 2016

mobile felica technology and platform

FeliCa Networks has made FeliCa technology and platforms compatible with the global standard NFC(Near Field Communication), using them as a foundation for a wide variety of services.

Features of NFC FeliCa Phone

The NFC FeliCa Phone is furnished with a wide range of features unique to mobile phones. Taking advantage of these features makes it possible to provide innovative value-added NFC FeliCa Phone services.