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McDonald's Kazasu Coupon

McDonald's Holdings Japan / Fast Food Restaurants

McDonald's benefit coupons now available with the FeliCa Phone application!
"McDonald's Kazasu Coupon" is a benefit service for which you can register free of charge. Members can download members-only coupons to a NFC FeliCa Phone and then use the coupons by simply touching the phone to a reader/writer at McDonald's stores.

pique cafe

mash food lab / Restaurant Chain

"pique cafe" starts coupon service for NFC FeliCa Phones!
After a subscription of e-mail newsletter, points are rewarded on every purchase by simply tapping your NFC FeliCa Phone and you can get a free drink per 10 points! In addition, e-mail newsletters deliver the latest attractive information of new campaigns, new dishes and new goods.

CosmeKitchen Mobile Coupon

mash beauty lab / Cosmetic Store Chain

Get 5% off coupon at CosmeKitchen with your NFC FeliCa Phone!
You can get 5% off coupon just after membership registration. You can also gain points on every purchase and presents are awarded per every 50 points. In addition, 5% discount coupons are delivered to the e-mail subscribers every month and latest information about new arrivals and events is also available on it.