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FeliCa Networks expands the environment where customers can enjoy convenience and benefit of

Business Domain

By providing Mobile FeliCa technology to our valued business partners and Mobile FeliCa platforms to service providers, FeliCa Networks provides support to an environment where customers simply "Just Touch", experiencing convenience and benefit in their everyday lives. We are also committed to developing customer loyalty and helping to build stronger, long-lasting and sustainable customer relationships.

Licensing business

go Licensing business
Makes more devices compatible with Mobile FeliCa technology

FeliCa Networks has made more devices FeliCa-enabled by licensing the entire lineup of Mobile FeliCa technology. The number of FeliCa-enabled devices has been growing even further in recent years as a result of FeliCa technology becoming compatible with the global standard NFC(Near Field Communication).

Platform business

go Mobile FeliCa platform
Mobile FeliCa platform

Supports customers lifestyle by working with service providers

Through the development and management of Mobile FeliCa platforms, FeliCa Networks works with service providers to support an environment where customers can use payment or transit ticketing services in a secure, comfortable, and convenient way.

go Relationship marketing platform
Relationship marketing platform

Helps to build long-lasting customer relationships

FeliCa Networks facilitates customer loyalty development and supports you in building long-lasting and sustainable customer relationships.